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Every person and business with something to sell—whether it’s a product, service, or an idea—requires an effective way to reach their tribe.

Simply put, your tribe refers to a group of people who are connected to you or to your idea.  Smart marketers know how to get their tribe fired up and excited about their products and services. 

Cutting-Edge Innovation for the Digital AgeBut, how can you reach your tribe in the crowded digital world?

With your platform.  Think of your platform as the means that you use to reach your audience—how you stand above your competitors (as if you’re on a platform!) to effectively communicate with your tribe.

As a technological evangelist with decades in the IT field, I help companies achieve their sales and social media goals.

With our in-depth knowledge of tribal marketing, I can assist you in reaching potential clients in a cost-effective manner through the strategic use of technology.

In essence, I build your platform using a comprehensive approach. First, we sit down and evaluate your current marketing strategies—strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.  Then, I suggest ways that you can extend and leverage your influence, stand above the crowd, and become a leader in your field.

We offer a variety of service packages geared to your specific needs.  Typical client offerings include:

Web Development & Design – I build and design your website using a CMS (Content Management System) which allows you to easily update your site, keeping it fresh and relevant.  Training included.

Search Engine Optimization – Learn how to create interesting content that will easily be found and indexed by Google.  Reach new clients with advanced SEO strategies.

Social Media & Outreach – Cut through all of the online clutter and get your tribe’s attention.  I teach you how to effectively use Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets to rise above the noise.

Social Media & Outreach

To find out more about Wilson Alvarez’s service, and know how we can guide you through this step by step process, please send an email to


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